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"...We're talking instruction booklets, concept art, soundtracks, readme files, strategy guides, character build FAQs; whatever and however far you want to take it, without actually having something playable. After looking through what you've made, people should be only able to play your game in their daydreams..." CHALLENGE'S ACCEPTED!

In the current era, I believe it has become the race of mind beyond time, and claiming the originality of a notion. Therefore, this is my first attempt at publishing my work here. It is a concept book, which basically contains ground ideas for future games or, well, may never see the light outside the realm of mind. Through this, I also hope to find others who may be interested to actualize the story into a visual novel or any form of interactive fiction. 

I like psychological drama, romance, and sometimes suspense genre, and tried to be descriptive about those premises on each page. At last, I feel the need to warn that there is a discussion of NSFW content  (HEDONIST - Page 14), a narration revolving the idea of body horror (Penny For Your Thought - Page 16), and mentioned of murder and genocide (Other Ambitious Ideas - Page 19 to 20); so you can skip the pages or even cancel the download.

Update (v3) : 

Okay, this isn't a major change except my anxious self keeps telling me to edit every tiny typo I found in the book :')


Sora's Games Concept Book (v3).pdf 16 MB

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Click the Download button and enjoy the concept book through the power of your wonderful imagination!

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Hi Sora! We downloaded the concept book and will begin reading tomorrow's night. We might be interested in a couple of them, who knows! <3

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Thank you for visiting this old compilation of ideas! Hope some of them inspire you or peek your interest, my email box (soradalbum@gmail.com) is always open for collaboration :)

Nice :)


Thank you! If I may inquire, how is the conspiracy going? 

We have ended the Fourth Chapter, although we also make Movies thats why everything is so slow. Still we dont want Early Access, we think it should be for free :)